IVF Surgery Procedure

The IVF process includes the collection of mature eggs from the ovaries which are fertilized using semen in the lab. Once the egg is fertilized, they are again placed back into the uterus, and pregnancy is easily achieved without having any severe side effects. In Vitro Fertilization must be done at the best fertility clinics or hospitals with skilled and qualified doctors. Without the assistance of professionals, IVF procedure can be a challenge for couples. 

A full-cycle IVF requires three weeks in total. But sometimes, this entire procedure is divided into segments. In such a case, more time might be needed. But, if you are looking for the best clinic in India that can offer affordable IVF surgery cost, then you can reach out to us. Women Hopes can help you find the best doctors and professionals from their directory who can help you achieve pregnancy without much hassle.

How Long Does the IVF Procedure Take?

In Vitro Fertilization is not a single thing but a series of procedures. Therefore, around 6-8 weeks are required from consultation to transfer. Also, the time can vary depending on how your body reacts to the procedures. We can help you find doctors who can follow all the steps properly and adhere to the rules and regulations and also offer affordable ivf price for the surgery.

What are the steps involved in In Vitro Fertilization?

You should not delay your visit to the doctor for IVF treatment process. The doctors at the best IVF center will help you to conceive by following all the steps properly.

Consulting a Doctor

The consultation procedure is segmented into three steps. However, it might vary depending on your requirements.

  • The initial stage includes your doctor learning about your medical history. And there is no point hiding about your personal life. You have to be honest with the doctor you consult. The doctor will suggest an IVF procedure based on the consultation.
  • A diagnosis will be made and reviewed. The doctor might also guide you to administer the medicine yourself.
  • Then, the doctor will decide a complete ivf treatment cost for the procedure.
  • Preparation for the Process
  • There are certain tests involved in this process. It takes around a month for this procedure.

Male fertility testing.

  • Blood tests.
  • Screening of Infectious Diseases.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Uterine Evaluation.

These tests can give you details about your cause of infertility and provide the right solutions.

Monitoring and Medication

The controlled ovarian procedure will begin. The COH IVF process has two steps.

Take Fertility medicines

The doctor will advise you to take fertility drugs for two weeks. The ovarian follicles are stimulated by taking these medicines. These medicines will mature the eggs more than the normal levels. The aim of the IVF procedure is to develop four eggs.


Once the ovary gets stimulated, the doctor will ask the patient to visit for the screening of the eggs and to check follicular development. This process takes most of the time and will require around 6 weeks for completion.

Retrieval of Eggs and Fertilization

This stage is divided into four segments.

Retrieval of Eggs

This stage is completed under sedation. While there aren’t any risks involved this process might exhaust you. 

Combining the egg and the sperm

After the eggs are extracted, the embryos are created through fertilization. The doctors will fertilize the eggs in the lab. 

Embryo Evaluation

Once the eggs are fertilized, daily screening is done to check whether the embryo is healthy enough.

Transfer of Embryo

The embryos are ready to transfer after three days of fertilization. However, some patients like to wait until they reach the blastocyst stage. This embryo is instilled into the uterus through a thin tube and under proper surgical conditions. Sometimes, a patient might experience slight cramps. 

These are the major steps involved in a IVF pregnancy procedure. Also, if you are looking for doctors or hospitals with affordable in vitro fertilization cost, you can reach out to Womens Hopes. They have the best hospitals and doctors in their directory who can help couples achieve pregnancy without hassle.

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