Best Surrogacy Centres In Lucknow With High Success Rate

Surrogacy is a fertility treatment bonded by a legal agreement between an intended couple and a surrogate. A surrogate agrees to carry a child for the couple that will be given to them after the delivery. Here, we have listed Best Surrogacy Centres in Lucknow that have shown a high success rate.


Javitri Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center, Lucknow

Javitri Hospital, Lucknow was founded 28 years ago to provide quality treatment to every patient. A success rate of 78% makes it one of the best surrogacy Centres in Lucknow. The location of this institution has not changed since the day it was inaugurated. Javitri Hospital is fully equipped with modern technology and the latest equipment for ICU, NICU, dialysis & Trauma. This Centre is well-known for its fertility services. One of the branches of this Hospital has been set up at Badshah Nagar, Lucknow.

World-Class Parameters are followed by the modular IVF Lab at this Centre. Some of the advanced services like laser hatching and freezing can easily be performed through the latest equipment available at this Centre. To select the best embryos for implantation, embryo scope is available here as it allows you to see the growth of the embryo. The success rates have increased up to 80% now with the blastocyst culture in the embryo scope. The faculty at Javitri Hospital maintains confidentiality in the private aspects of every case. The warm and lively atmosphere at this Centre creates a comfortable environment for a patient to open up with the doctors. 


Indira IVF Lucknow

Indira Ivf Hospital Pvt Ltd is located in Hazratganj. Indira IVF has a fully equipped clinic with world-class facilities. They also provide patients with consultation by a qualified practitioner that evaluates every detail of the medical history and other preferences of the patients. If any health issues are present, they can also be dealt with during the first consultation. The doctor may check the symptoms of the ailment through a simple examination. The purpose of this examination is to choose a suitable course of action in terms of medication or further diagnostic tests.

Presently, Indira IVF is led by Dr. Ajay Murdia and his highly qualified team of infertility specialists at Indira IVF. Indira IVF clinic in Lucknow and Test Tube Baby Center is one of the best  Surrogacy Centre In Lucknow as it provides commendable services at affordable rates.

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